Allu Arjun Top Filmography



Allu Arjun Filmography
Allu Arjun Top Filmography

Allu Arjun Filmography Details 

Allu Arjun Filmography: Allu Arjun is one of the best actors in Tollywood. He is known as the Stylish Star. Allu was born in 8th April 1982. He works in Telugu film industry is called Tollywood. He acted in movie Vijetha. It was his first film. He acted in this movie as a child artist. This movie was released in 1985. Allu acted in some movies as a child artist.

Allu started his adult career as a hero at Gangotri. Allu became one of the best actors of Tollywood after making some movies. His acting always touches the audience heart.


Allu Arjun is so much famous for his acting, his dancing, and also for his style. Allu is called the Stylish Star of Tollywood. Allu Arjun won the award for his Style and Youth icon for several times. He is well known for his dance, his style, his action. People love to see Allu dancing, fighting, and the style of Allu. We can see different fight scenes in Tollywood. These are totally different from all other industries. Actor acted in these scenes very smoothly. Allu is one of the actors. His fighting skills, just awesome. That’s why Allu is so famous to the audience.

Top Action, Hit, Flop Movies List From 2004 to 2020

There are a lot of movies. In fact, all the Allu Arjun’s movies are full movie action scenes. And that’s why people watch Allu’s movie. We are giving the top 10 action movies. These are just outstanding.

Allu Arjun Top Filmography

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Race Gurram (2014)

This movie is one of the best and most important movies of Allu’s career. The movie is full of action. The movie was dubbed in Hindi as Lucky, The Racer.

Sarrainodu (2016)

Sarrainodu is one of the best action films. Allu acted very well in this movie. This was also dubbed in Hindi. The movie is one of the best action movies of Allu Arjun. Allu’s perform in action is remarkable.

Duvvada Jagannadham (2017)

This movie is known as a DJ. DJ is called the best action movie with Allu Arjun. The performance of Allu in this movie is just outstanding. The audience enjoyed the movie. In fact, on YouTube, the action scene of this movie is now a topic to give a reaction. Many YouTubers are giving reaction in this movie action scenes.

Julayi (2012)

This one is one of the best movies of Allu Arjun’s career. This one is also full of action. Allu’s acting in notable in this movie.

Naa Peru Surya, Na Illu India (2018)

This is like a patriotic movie. The movie is about a short-tempered Soldier who wants to go to the border to serve for his country. The action of this movie is realistic.

Iddarammayilatho (2013)

This one is the king of action. Allu’s action of this movie is just awesome. Allu acted in this movie ad his acting is always a gift to the audience.

S/O Satyamurthi (2015)

S/O Satyamurthi is Allu’s career one of the best movies. The action of this movie is just amazing. For this type of stylish action, Allu is called Stylish Star.

Varudu (2010)

Varudu is one of the finest movies of Allu Arjun. Fighting scenes are extraordinary.

Arya (2004)

In short, Arya is the movie which made Allu Arjun. The acting, the action, the dance of this movie is stunning.

Arya 2 (2009)

Arya 2 is the second part of Arya. The action of this movie is incredible.

Allu Arjun Filmography: These are the top action movies of Allu Arjun. Though all the movies of Allu Arjun are action, drama and comedy movie, Allu’s comedy timing is awesome. Allu is one of the best action heroes of Tollywood. In fact, he is one of the best actors in all categories.

For these kinds of movies, and for the action, Allu is called the action and Stylish Star hero. The audience knows what will they get in Allu’s movie, and so, they wait for Allu Arjun’s movie.

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