Bollywood Celebrities Steps during and after Lockdown



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Bollywood Celebrities Travel During  The Covid-19 Lockdown

Salman Khan

During this COVID 19’s nationwide lockdown, the one, only Salman Khan, was locked as well in his farm Panvel house. However, he was unable to stop his emotion towards his family, especially his father and mother. Hence, on May 19, Tuesday, Salman went to Mumbai to visit his cordial ones’. During the short visit, he was aware of the facts related to this COVID 19 situation like maintaining social distancing, being hygiene. Besides, he had a request for the necessary permissions as well as granted.

Salman was in Mumbai for a few hours and returned to Panvel. When he was queried about the visits, his reply was tear-dropping. The purpose of the visit was to see his genitors because he was fretting about them, and it was a long while he could not stay with his cordials and closers.

Besides, he left a glorious note for his fans, if he can stay in a caged situation, we all can do the same until the pandemic runs out.

Place: Mumbai.

Akshay Kumar

During this nationwide lockdown, Akshay Kumar had visited Nashik by a chopper helicopter. Akshay took off from Mumbai and stepped in the best Engineering College Sapkal Knowledge Hug, Anjaneri-Wadholi, in Nashik. Over there, he stayed in a resort in Grape County Resort.

The purpose which Akshay Kumar planned is establishing an institution for martial arts, healing home for Naturopathy, and a seminary for mediation.

On the spot, there was a controversy regarding the escort from the police. People used to believe that the escort was for Akshay Kumar. Later on, it was revealed the escort and security were for the police chief of Nashik.

After this lockdown, some other renowned actors were found out of their residences.

Place: Nashik.

Sohail Khan

Nationwide Lockdown and the worldwide pandemic has made bored everyone. One of our Khans is not exceptional. Sohail Khan riding his bike, has been captured as he got out of his apartment named Galaxy after waiting for a long while. During this riding, he was wearing a casual striped shirt and denim trousers. Besides, lockdown could not hamper his excellent shape.

Place: Galaxy(Own apartment)

Malika Sherawat

The most charming Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat could not hide while jogging. She was not even trying to do so. She went jogging by maintaining hygiene factors, and she got spotted by the locals. According to the locals, she was enjoying her run and friendlier towards the camera.

Adah Sharma

Undoubtedly she is an extraordinary actress who is local first.  I mean, she is entirely down to earth personage. Lockdown could not harm her as well. She is still fit like she was before the lockdown. Locals had found her with a mask buying the vegetables and fruits. The endearing Adha was playing with the watermelon after purchased. This event is precise that she was passing a joyful time.

Naseeruddin Shah

With vast popularity and castings, Naseeruddin Shah is now one of the veteran actors whose acting in the movies can never be underestimated. He was out for buying medicines and other vital materials. During this short period, he was maintaining the cautions properly. His face was covered by a mask, and hands were by gloves.

Kareena and Saif

Bollywood prince Saif Ali Khan, his better half Kareena Kapoor Khan and beloved grand prince Taimur Ali Khan (son of Saif and Kareena), have been spotted while visiting the Marine Drive for a general walk. The mission was breathing the fresh air after the lengthy lockdown.

Eventually, the film and television actor Rajeev Verma had been seen at the Kamla Park in Madhya Pradesh.

Place:Marine Drive


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