Dil Bechara Sushant Singh Rajput Last Album



Dil Bechara Sushant Singh Rajput Last Album

Dil Bechara Music Album: A.R. Rahman Released All Songs

Sushant Singh Rajput’s last movie Dil Bechara trailer, already broke all the previous records before. It became the most liked video on youtube within only 24 hours. Now the theme song of this movie Dil Bechara is out. Today the most famous and talented singer of India shares the full album of this film. Now you can find all the songs online if you wanted to listen to them.

Dil Bechara Music Album songs Details 

  • Dil Bechara

“Dil Bechara” song composed, produced, and arranged by A.R. Rahman. Amitabh Bhattacharya wrote the lyrics of this song. It is a funny and lovely song that everyone should love. You can find the love of  Dil Bechara Music Album songs on youtube, and there are 7.3 million views in these songs only in 6 or 7 hours. It has already gained 2.3 million likes on Youtube. This song is all about spreading love to everyone.

  • Friendzone

“Friendzone” is another masterpiece song from the movie. Friendzone is more like a funny song where Sushant describes the problem of friendzone to his heroine. This song’s video duration is 2.44 minutes. It is short but lovely.

  • Taare Ginn

“Taare Ginn” is a beautiful song where many and Kizzie fall in love with each other. It is a sweet song with pure classy instrumental tones. It’s 4.18 minutes long.

  • Main tumhara

“Main tumhara” is the song with a lot of emotional touches where they understand the reality of their love.” Tum nah huey mere toh kya main tumhara” is enough to reach inside of any heart.

  • Khulke Jeene Ka

The song “khulke Jeene Ka” is a beautiful song by Arijit Singh, it is all about enjoying the time you have on earth. Life is short, so enjoy every second of it. This song is an inspiring song that will help you to love yourself.

  • Afreeda

“Afreeda” is another song that would break your heart. It is a really a heartbreaking song that would hurt you inside.

  • Maskari

If you ask me about which one is the most lovely song among them, it will be “Maskari.” You will enjoy every second of it, and it will be the perfect song for you if you fall in love with someone.

  • Mera Naam Kizzie

“Mera Naam Kizzie” is a mixer of love, emotion and sadness where you will flow with love and sadness at the same time. This song is by my favourite singer Aditya Narayan. You can not stop your heart from beating faster if you listen to this song.

Dil Bechara Music Album and Movie News

There is a dialogue of Sushant in this film where he says, “we don’t get to decide when to born or when to die but we can decide how to live our life,” it is an emotional dialogue that breaks everyone’s heart. Everyone teared up here in this sense because it is a total refection of Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide. “ we don’t get to decide when we are born or when we die, but we get to determine how we live our life.  Everybody was totally in tears about this. This dialogue was enough to reach his fan’s heart. In this movie trailer, there were mixed feelings everywhere, some of the parts make us cry, and some of it makes us smile. It has made us fall in love with him again and again. There was a popular hashtag #dilbechara, where everyone is telling about their feelings about Sushant’s last film Dil Bechara. It is the most popular hashtag now in tweeter.

Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide at a very young age out of depression and sadness.  He was one of the best young actors in Bollywood. The was a hard-working actor who succeeded in his life without any excellent ground support. He did a lot of lovely films where his acting catches a lot of eyes. It is based on John Green’s best selling novel, The Fault In Our Stars. In this movie trailer, there is a lot of sense where Manny is trying to cheer up Kizie, who has cancer. It will be lovely with a lot of beautiful shots and songs.

It is going to be such an emotional and heartbreaking film that everyone will at least once cry. Sushant will always be in our hearts and still be alive there. Sushant was one of those types of people who did not have any hate for others. This person was always bright like a star. He was still a kind and smiling person who loved all his fans. So you all should give support and love to his last film.

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