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kabir Singh movie review

Kabir Singh Movie Review (IMDb 7.1/10): Story, Rating,Cast, Collection, Review Details

Kabir Singh is a romantic drama film. Written and directed by Sandeep Vanga.

IMDb Rating

Kabir Singh movie rating point is 7.1/10.
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Kabir Singh Movie Review: Cast

Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani made the cast in the lead role of this movie. Soham Majumdar, Arjan Bajwa, Nikita Dutta, Kamini Kaushal, Suresh Oberoi, Adil Hussain, Kunal Thakur, Anusha Sampathi, Swati Seth, Anurah Arora, Vinay Sharma, Amit Sharma, Geetika, Suparna Marwah, Dolly Mattoo, Harsh A. Singh, Vanita Kharat, Urvashi Panchal, Siya Mahajan, Vipul Deshpande, Parakh Madan, Mitansh Lulla, Ankush Deshmukh, Ramakant Dayma, Gangandeep Singh, Maneka Kurap, Abhay Dheeraj Singh, Aanchal Chauhan, Teena Singh, Rajat Aroraa, Danish and Anagha Joshi acted in the supporting role of this movie.
Shahid Kapoor is an Indian actor. He is one of the smartest heroes in Bollywood industry. And this movie Kabir Singh is the best movie of Shahid Kapoor.
Kiara Advani is a gorgeous actress in India. Her real name is Alia Advani. She is a young actress in the Bollywood industry and also has some beautiful movies. She got an extra-ordinary acting skill by God.
The other actors and actresses who acted in the supporting role of this movie, are skilful. That’s is why they are chosen to work in this movie.

Kabir Singh Movie Review: Story

Kabir Singh is a remake of Telugu movie Arjun Reddy.
Kabir Singh is a medical student, also a brilliant student. But has an anger management problem. He is a class topper, college topper. Kabir is very dangerous. That’s why everybody afraid of him. No one wants to make any chaos with him: Preeti, a junior of Kabir. Kabir falls in love with Preeti. After some days, their love story begins. Kabir becomes crazy for Preeti and never allows anyone with Preeti. The boy fights several times for Preeti. But for Preeti’s family, they can’t stay together. Kabir becomes helpless. He starts to drink, smoke. What happens next if you want to know then you have to see the movie.
The story of Kabir Singh is fantastic. You will see romance in the first half of the movie. In the second part, you will see the tragedy and the painful story. The movie story is superb.

Kabir Singh Movie Review: Release Date

Released on 21 June 2019.

Kabir Singh Movie Review: Collection

The budget of Kabir Singh movie was 60 crores. But the movie earned about 379 crores. The movie is a super-duper hit film. That’s why the movie made so much money.

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Kabir Singh Movie Review: Full view

The movie becomes very special to the audience because of Shahid Kapoor’s acting acted his life’s best act. The look of Shahid Kapoor is compelling. The expression of Shahid Kapoor is perfect.
Kabir Singh is a remake movie of Arjun Reddy. The look of Kabir and Arjun is the same, and you can say carbon-copy. It is tough to become like someone else. Shahid Kapoor did it very well. The look of Kabir is absolutely the same as Arjun. The acting is different, and that makes the movie special. From the first scene to the last stage you will enjoy.
Songs are very special to a movie. All the songs are hit.
Kabir Singh is a compelling love story movie. It will teach you to give value to your love.
Shahid Kapoor’s acting is fabulous. Every scene of him is just outstanding—especially his attitude, his fight, his drinking, his dialogues.

kabir singh movie review

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The movie gets a 7.1/10 rating in IMDb. So, you can understand how much people like it.
Kabir Singh is one of the best movies of Shahid Kapoor. Shahid Kapoor is called Kabir Singh sometimes. Because of his acting.
The director of Kabir Singh and Arjun Reddy is the same. That’s why two movies are the same. The film is one of the best movies of Bollywood.

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