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Super 30 Movie Review

Super 30 Movie Review: Bollywood Movie, Rating, Real Story, Cast, Release date Details

Super 30, is a biographical drama film and directed by Vikas Bahi. Written by Sanjeev Dutta. Based on Anand Kumar. Produced by Phantom Films, Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment and Reliance Entertainment.
The movie is about a true story. The film is one of the best biographical films in Bollywood.

IMDb rating point of Super 30 Movie is 8/10.


Hrithik Roshan is in the primary leadership role. Mrunal Thakur, Virendra Saxena, Pankaj Tripathi, Aditya Srivastava and Amit Sadh is also in this film.
There are many co-stars in these films.
All the characters are beautifully represented in this film, and that makes the film perfect. When everyone gives their best performance in a movie, it becomes a Blockbuster.


The story is based on a true and real story. A teacher of Bihar named Anand Kumar has coaching called Super 30. Every year he teaches about 30 students and most of them get a chance to read in IIT. He teaches students freely also feeds them. This is a true story. He is called a magician because selection in IIT is robust.

Super 30 Movie Review

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The film is created with the real story and personal life about Anand Kumar. Superstar Hrithik acted in the movie.
The film story is about Anand Kumar. He got a scholarship to read at the University of Cambridge. But he couldn’t go there to study because of his poorness. Anand Kumar used to go to Banaras Hindu University’s library to solve some mathematical problems. But the manager got angry and got him out because he was not a student at the University. A staff suggests him to make an article. Anand Kumar solved a math problem which was not solved yet. Anand got success. After that, he got a chance to read at the University of Cambridge. But Anand has no money to go there. After all of that Anand forgot to study and started to do some job. Then he sells papads in the city. After some days starts his career as a teacher. He becomes a successful teacher. Suddenly, he thinks about poor students. Then he left the job and began to teach the poor student. There are so many stories. You have to watch the movie to know the full story. Many things happen in his life.
Anand Kumar starts teaching about 30 students freely. At last, all of them get a chance to read in IIT.
This is the story of the film.


Released on 12th July 2019.


The budget for this film was 60 crores. The collection of this movie is 208.93 crores.

Super 30 Movie Review Details

The story is the pillar of a movie. This movie story is compelling. When a story line is strong, then the film will always be beautiful. In this case, the video is exciting.
The story is very cool. But the presentation of the story in this film is not perfect.
Some scenes are meaningless. Some views are logic-less.
The songs of the film are fantastic. But the background music is not suitable for all the movie. The audience does not love background music.
The acting of all casts is suitable. Especially the acting of Hrithik is mind-blowing. Every character entirely does every role. Every expression, every dialogue, every emotion of Hrithik is just superb.
The real look of Hrithik is not as Poor teacher or a Bihar teacher. So, he tried his best to look like a poor teacher, and he did correctly.
Overall, the movie is fantastic. You will be a fan of Hrithik after watching the video. Some scenes are motivational.

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